The Philosophy

It was 1596 when Heo Jun, a royal physician for the Yangcheon Heo clan, compiled centuries of Korean traditional medical practices in the book called Dongui Bogam. The highly influential book had a chapter devoted to herbal remedies for a wide range of ailments. Within the chapter, Tangaekpyeon, there were instructions on the creation of medicines for the skin and regimens to prevent skin diseases. It is because of this that there has been a centuries long tradition of routine skin care practices in South Korea. Though some may see the strict routines as obsessive, the Korean culture pride's itself on cutting edge skin and beauty products.

Always innovating, since the 16th century, South Korea finds itself as the center of cosmetics and beauty products. From the popularization of BB cream to groundbreaking cosmetic surgeries, it makes sense to take after the traditions of a country revolutionizing skin care. We here at Missus have been truly inspired by them and have created our products in the same vein that your skin is a reflection of your health. Let us be a part of your journey to clearer, brighter and whiter skin.

 Missus Love Skin Care Whitening and Brightening Products