The History and Secrets of Korean Skin Care

The research says, the Korean way of skin care is the most effective way to get a flawless, beautiful complexion. Creating unique formulas, ingredients and textures, Korean cosmetic companies created a whole new world of beauty and skin care products. Now the question is how Korean skin care can be so effective? Well, it’s because it follows a long and rich history reaching back thousands of years.

The Ancient Chosun Era

The invention of Korean skin care cosmetics had begun in the Ancient Chosun Era by the appreciation of the fair and bright skin. They have also begun to prevent fatty tissue from the skin by using lard and like to keep the skin soft and smooth. However, they use garlic in winter season to protect the skin from any kind of environmental stresses.

The Three Kingdoms of Korean Era

After inventing some magical skin care remedies to protect, brighten and soften the skin, Korean’s ramped up the innovation of cosmetics products in the Three Kingdoms of Korean Era. 
The Goguryeo people were obsessed with a round face and thin eyebrows. The application of makeup was strictly limited to those who could afford it. People can recognize who is honorable women and who is “maid” by the appearance of makeup alone. 
The Baekje people perfected the creation of makeup products, cosmetics and applicable techniques which had been introduced to them by Japan. That time people used to wear light makeup and stylish hair which stood for the symbol of dignity but also showcased their cosmetic prowess. 
Last but not the least, Silla Kingdom’s people believed that internal beauty comes from external beauty. They would embellish themselves with jewelry and ornate accessories. Also, they contributed to the Korean cosmetics revolution with the invention of face powder which was pink and red powder that applied to the cheeks and lips. 
Unified Silla Period 
When face powder was invented all the other types of cosmetics lost favor and Unified Silla period began to influence the perfect Korean image by adding more face powder along with even more jewelries including, rings, earrings, bracelets. They also introduced intricate, gold laden headbands to compliment their complex hairstyles. 
Goryeo Dynasty 
As we know, the cosmetic techniques had been developed in the Three Kingdom Era, the makeup and dress up level raised high in Goryeo dynasty time. The clothes, makeup and accessories were the ruling topic and people paid more interest in it. The development of the cosmetics and beauty had been widely spread in that era with the acceptance of the every stage of the people.

Chosun Dynasty Korean

Last but not the least, it should be mentioned that the most influential era of Korea history was the Chosun Dynasty. Most of modern day cosmetics and skin care products and practices originated during this era. The people of this time gave more importance to the inner beauty rather than outer beauty.During the Chosun Dynasty, the “trend” for makeup was primarily fair, white skin, cherry lips and peached colored cheeks. 
As the centuries passed, Korean skin care and cosmetics evolved but still have fingerprints of thousands of years of skin care perfection.