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The Practice of Skin Bleaching Throughout The Years

According to a meta-analysis and meta-regression research performed by the University of Nottingham, the practice of skin bleaching throughout the years has become a serious public health issue that needs to be taken notice of due to its uprising popularity globally. It states that 55.9% people aged 30 years and below, 31.6% of primary school going students, 27.1% people from Africa and shockingly, 74.9% of people from upper-class backgrounds have a usage of this practice all over.

What Skin Bleaching Is All About:

If one does not understand what this practice is all about, it is the treatment or procedure a person opts for in order to lighten their skin complexion through whitening Injections, laser treatments, creams or medications/supplements. It might be due to health-related issues to skin but is mainly practiced just to fit into the beauty standards that have been wrongfully set by the media industry that portrays white skin as the only ultimate acceptable form of skin.

How It Actually Works

Skin bleaching or whitening treatment requires a person to use mixtures of substances that help in lessening the levels of melanin inside the skin to make it appear lighter or paler. It could either be used to remove hyperpigmentation, like spots or moles over the skin to make it look flawless or to fight health-related issues by adding in nutrients or antioxidants that may help in reducing chances of skin cancer.

The Pros And Cons Of This Treatment

Like previously mentioned, not everyone opts for this treatment just to beautify them to fit in the standards of beauty. One might be doing this practice in order to fight skin issues that might be risky in their lives.

The Pros-

This treatment helps a person to get rid of freckles, inflammation due to acne issues, moles and birthmarks in order to even out the skin tone making it look indefectible. This treatment is also for people that suffer from skin diseases either since their birth or due to damage caused to the skin causing discolorations. Diseases like Melasma and Vitiligo, in which people have discolored patches over their face, hands and entire body due to extreme sun exposure and hormonal changes in the body are prescribed for this treatment to make their skin appear better.

The Cons-

Not everyone can successfully live happily through this treatment as it tends to have some side-effects. One may start suffering from skin-irritation and inflammation if they’re using creams that have hydroquinone or going for laser skin treatments which lead to redness and swelling at the initial stages of this treatment. One may also start seeing visible blood vessels in the skin area that have become thinner, like under the eyes and hands or feet. Apart from this, internal damages to organs like kidneys may result as well as nerve damage likely due to the wrong placement of the injection needle in the skin. Women, who are pregnant especially, are advised not to go for this treatment as their child inside the womb might suffer from disabilities or abnormality occurring from the side-effects when born.

Reasons Why This Treatment Is Considered Taboo:

This skin treatment is widely practiced in countries, like The United States, India, Southeast Asia, and even Africa. In all of these countries, the way white skin has been promoted and favored above the rest of the skin tones, the way the media industry has portrayed white skin and digging deep back into history as to how female leaders back then used to whiten their skins to make them looker superior has made this subject a taboo, but thanks to some powerful leading voices today, like YaBaBlay, who is a professor, producer and researcher by profession, who has worked really hard into spreading social awareness about the reality that the world lacks and suffers from due to the wrong portrayal of this matter. She adds that this matter, being a person with white or dark skin complexion has a perspective that has molded the thinking in such a way due to which people look at this skin bleaching process as individuals who lighten their skin and not the worldwide institutions that has made this treatment an option which is viable.

What most people don’t understand is that there is a reason why people are born with different skin complexions. It is definitely not the person’s fault nor that God made them like this on purpose to make them feel bad about themselves, rather it is due to the countries or the areas around the world where the climate is different everywhere. For example, people living in countries that are closer to the equator, like African, Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern countries have people mostly with darker skin complexions, so that they are able to protect their skin with high amounts of melanin in them from the extreme heat and closeness of the sun over these countries. Likewise, countries, like Greenland, The United Kingdom, Canada, Russia, Germany, and Central Europe have extremely cold weathers throughout the year due to which the people found over there are mostly light skin people that don’t require as much melanin to protect them from the scorching heat of the sun.

How The Media And History Have Participated In This Taboo

Unfortunately, not many people, especially those working in the media have understood this basic fact and kept on accentuating on beauty standards that are anywhere close to fairness only and anything other than that is unacceptable to the society. History is also to be partially blamed as women from the Victorian era used powder and paint to make their skin look as white as a ghost to portray white skin as a form of purity. This is why whenever we see paintings or pictures of women from the past; we see their faces as white as a plain sheet of paper.

Many advertising agencies use black men and women in skin-related ads to advertise their products which show before skin complexions and then after using the products to show how far they’ve become through computerized changes over the body to promote their brand. This is a very unethical practice that has now being highlighted at a higher level thanks to social media and people who use their positions to make a voice against such acts.

To bring all the above discussion to a conclusion, it can be said that spreading awareness regarding taboo topics, like skin bleaching, in this case, should be done on a serious and massive level by promoting skin tones of all types instead of standardizing beauty to the only white skin. The damage that media and history have already done amongst the people and to their self-esteem needs to be brought down to a level that is considered shameful and a wrong act to perform unless being done for health-related purposes that require for the person to go through this treatment to cure them. This will not only benefit the generation of today but rather it would also benefit the generation of tomorrow that would live in a world where there would be love and acceptance between people of all skin types.