Niacinamide and Korean Skin Care

How Niacinamide Gives Your Skin That Whiter And Ageless Look!

Everyone dreams and longs for that flawless and healthy skin that keeps their youthful look alive for life. But with our every our exposure to environmental elements that sometimes hurt our skin that dream seems to be an impossible one. So many seems to lose their self-confidence and self-esteem to an everyday struggle with wrinkles, pimples, acne, dark spots, and the like.

Some skin whitening and bleaching chemicals such as hydroquinone that promises that perfect skin only proves abortive in the end. But don’t be sad, there are great options to win this one and make that dream of a flawless skin a reality. Superior ingredients like niacinamide have been clinically proven over and over again to be just the perfect solution you been searching for all along. Products rich with this ingredient give your skin that glowing, luminous, and whitening finish with no side effects.

How Does Niacinamide Work On Our Skin As A Whitener?

Although it is found along with other elements Niacinamide, also known as Vitamin B3, is usually found in plants and animal. Niacinamide works by inhibiting the transfer of melanin pigments to the skin. Apart from being a powerful antioxidant, it is also an effective and natural skin lightening agent that helps lower the production of melanin. Researches show that about 2-5% of its standard concentration has been discovered to be effective in hyperpigmentation reduction.

When the skin gets exposed to Ultra-violet light, tyrosinase (an enzyme which is important in melanin production) is triggered. Tyrosinase is a major enzyme in melanogenesis (melanin production process) and it helps in the darkening of your skin through the production of melanin. Melanosome is an important animal cell organelle which is responsible for photoprotection and coloring in the cells and tissues of animals, and one of the most important stages of skin pigmentation involves the conversation of this to keratinocytes.

Niacinamide in its typical concentration hinders the transfer of melanosomes from melanocytes (cell producing melanin) to keratinocytes without the inhibition of tyrosinase activity. It may also slow down the cell-signaling pathway between keratinocytes and melanocytes to decrease melanogenesis and thus lead to the whitening of the skin. Several investigations employ the use of niacinamide in the regulation of melanocyte and keratinocyte interactions.

Why Is Niacinamide Different From Other Skin Whitening Agent?

There are different skin whitening or lightening products in the market and the most common ingredient found in most of them are mercury and hydroquinone. These chemical ingredients are known to inhibit the formation of melanin in the skin. Apart from their individual benefits in lightening the skin, several studies have shown that they sometimes cause serious side effects over time.

The use of skin whitening creams with these chemical agents for a prolonged time can lead to premature aging and discoloration of the skin. This can further lead to several skin problems such as skins rashes, dryness, burning, eczema, blue-black darkening in several areas of the skin. Their effect is toxic to the cells and can cause cancer. They can also cause the reduction of skin healing properties. Countries like Japan, Australia, and a few other countries in Europe place a ban on sale of these chemicals as a skin whitener or lightener because of their side effects.

With the need to find an alternative that ensure a safety and healthy whitening process, more researches have been done exploring natural sources. Of such researches, one of the most researched skincare ingredients for reducing pigmentation and lightening of the skin is Niacinamide. It is a commonly used ingredient in Korean skincare products not only for the lightening of the skin but also for achieving a flawless skin free of blemishes. Niacinamide helps to moisturize the skin, giving you a wrinkle-free, softer, and smoother skin. There are no negative side effects of using Niacinamide, which is why so many prefer it to other harsh chemicals.

The Popularity Of Niacinamide In Korean Beauty Products

Niacinamide is an ingredient used as part of Korean beauty creams for its skin whitening properties. Regular use of products containing this natural ingredient promotes good skin, improves complexion, and eliminates unhealthy skin conditions.

The Koreans try to achieve a flawless skin in the safest possible way, which is why most Korean beauty companies are instantly drawn to natural substances that contain high amount of niacinamide.

Why You Should Be Using Korean Skin Products

With their efficient moisturizing effects, most Korean beauty products provide instant glow. They contain Niacinamide as an active ingredient. Niacinamide which is derived from Vitamin B is known to improve the skin, giving an even skin tone and eliminating blemishes while slowing down the production of melanin. Some cream also contains Glutathione- this ingredient helps to give the skin a whitening boost and it is also a strong antioxidant. Korean products can be used as both a skin care beauty product and a makeup base.

The skin repairs itself fastest while we are sleeping and there are several beauty products that have been produced to be used while one is asleep to enhance the skin’s repair. These products contain natural ingredients like mulberry extract which works on giving the skin an even tone plus lightening and suppressing blemishes blackheads.

These Korean skincare products offer equal value for your money always. They sometimes come in three skincare sets - toner, serum, and cream. A combination of these three skin care set helps to brighten the skin with its strong and effective mix of botanical and skin lightening ingredients such as arbutin, mushrooms, and green tea extract and also niacinamide. They will help to revive the skin and protect it from environmental factors that can affect the way you look.

When purchasing a skin care product in the market, be sure to get a product containing natural ingredients and extract to give your skin that beautiful, lightened, and glowing finish without the risk of skin damage or any other side effects. Natural ingredients always work best, they connects us to nature and her superior secrets.