Frequently Asked Questions

How do your products whiten my skin?

We here at Missus use niacinamide to reduce hyper-pigmentation in your skin and it is featured in our Sweet Dreams Love and Good Morning Love products. Along with that superstar is an assortment of nourishing vitamins, oils and plant stem cells. Our Sweet Dreams Love lotion also contains glycolic acid to help turnover your skin cells to get to newer, brighter skin.

Why Niacinamide over Hydroquinone or Resorcinol?

There are many whitening options on the market and yes, those 3 are the most common.  We chose niacinamide because it occurs naturally in plants and has been proven effective in reducing hyper-pigmentation and prevents it by inhibiting the transfer of melanin to your skin cells. Hydroquinone has been proven incredibly effective in whitening and bleaching skin but, though, not banned in the USA it is banned in the European Union due to their testing finding hydroquinone causing cancer in laboratory rats. Resorcinol is found in many over the counter skin care products and prescription drugs to treat various skin conditions and is typically consider safe in very low concentrations used topically but studies have found resorcinol to be a skin sensitizer and irritant. It also has been restricted for use in cosmetic products in countries outside the USA like Canada and Japan.

Where do you make your products?

We proudly make all of our products within the USA in small batches.