About Missus Love Skin Care

We created Missus with the goal in mind to bring to market products that promote beautiful whiter, brighter and healthier skin. Inspired by the thousands of years of history dedicated to healthy skin in Korean culture, we began to understand to improve your skin's complexion we all need to rethink our skin care philosophy. 

We worked long and hard to find the formula that is easy to integrate into anyone's routine, feels great on your skin and works to whiten, brighten and restore. While developing our products we kept the following in mind:

  • Use as much organic and natural ingredients as possible
  • Spread and share the philosophy we believe will improve many people's lives
  • Make sure our products work and are safe
  • We don't test on animals
  • Manufacture our products within the USA

We achieved what we set out to do and would love for you to find out how Missus can help your skin. 

To learn more about the Korean Skin Care Philosophy click here.

Learn more about us here at Missus Love Skin Care who creates skin whitening and brightening lotions and creams.